Our company has three career paths:

This is the cornerstone of the company and as such we hold applicants to a very high bar.
They must be self-motivators who can work and think independently, and most
importantly, function well in the middle of the night. Training is treated as an
apprenticeship, job shadowing a baker and learning at the pace they are comfortable
with. Must be able to lift 50 lb bags and carry them 10-15 feet comfortably.

This is the daily face of the company to the consumer, responsible for decorating
doughnuts, greeting customers and managing sales. Must be very friendly and able to
help foster the joy of doughnuts that we rely on.

This is a unique position. Generally it is 1-2 hours a day, in the early morning. The job
basically entails picking up doughnuts in Snoqualmie, looping through Snoqualmie and
North Bend.

Include resume and cover letter.
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Doughnuts Make You Happy!