About Our Business

We are a local business, dedicated to making delicious doughnuts every morning for you
and your friends and loved ones to enjoy together! We're a family operation, and like to
think that our love for food shows through in our doughnuts.

About Steve

Steve Pennington spent 14 years in the tech sector before deciding to strike out into a
new field and make doughnuts. Learning from recipes, trial and error, You Tube videos
and patient mentors he spent the next two years honing the craft and training his staff to
produce the doughnuts that make you happy.

What happened to our Issaquah store?:
           Sadly we ran into some stiff competition from a very large rival, and we weren't able
to support our Issaquah location anymore. Please visit us in Snoqualmie
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Doughnuts Make You Happy!