Save Our Shop (July Update)
We are so close! Home Stretch!

We have found a perfect food service trailer at a fantastic price,
and it's in Northern Oregon! It is such a great deal that we've
been able to streamline the finances and just need to put together
about $10k more dollars. Considering that we were looking at
potentially $55k or more at one point, this is tantalizingly close.

As such we are postponing the investor search until we are ready
to remodel and expand the kitchen, and are looking for anyone
willing to loan us some or all of the $10k for now. We can fit any
terms you'd like, whether it's a 6-12 month turnaround to regain
principle, or a longer term to maximize interest income. Whatever
you'd like. We'll be able to use up to half of the trailer profits to
service this debt, and the remaining profit to service our existing
debt. I expect the business to be debt free in less than a year!
steve@stevesdoughnuts.com for the business plan and
current financials.

If you'd like to help bump us closer, the
GoFundMe page is still
active as well. Get a t-shirt, get your name on the trailer or host a
party for your office!  

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